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2012 Essential Mix Soundcloud

DJ EZ's quick-finger CDJ action earned him cult status among both old heads and new-gen ravers with his debut Boiler Room set in 2012. This clip of him going from Wookie's 'Battle' to a frantic cueing up and looping of the 'baby' part from Cleptomaniacs' 'All I Do' is what caused all the hoo-hah and completely reinvigorated his career. A set that'll forever be in UKG folklore.

2012 Essential Mix Soundcloud

In February 2012, Corsten released a full-length artist album, WKND (Flashover Recordings), comprising notable songs including "Not Coming Down" (featuring Betsie Larkin); "Live Forever" (featuring Aruna); "Ain't No Stoppin'" (featuring Ben Hague); "Brute" with Armin van Buuren; "Check It Out" and "Feel It". The album was distributed by Ultra Records in the US.[102] Corsten stars in a series of professionally produced, original videos titled WKNDR (pronounced "weekender") where he speaks directly to viewers from various scenes around the world. The WKNDR series shows Corsten backstage and onstage at large nightclub and concert venues as well as festivals; the series also takes viewers into his private studio for a behind-the-scenes look at music production.[103]

The 250th episode of Corsten's Countdown (April 11, 2012) was broadcast live, worldwide, for the duration of the unprecedented eight-hour show beamed out from the studios of Sirius XM Radio in New York City. The Corsten's Countdown show is aired in more than 40 countries and the CC250 broadcast became a Twitter trending topic three times during that eight-hour broadcast during which time Corsten took live requests from around the world via a specially designed interactive website, Twitter and Facebook.[104][105] In May 2012, Corsten launched a new monthly mix show titled Ferry's Fix. Unlike his Corsten's Countdown show which is weekly, Ferry's Fix is a monthly mixshow. Also, unlike Corsten's Countdown, Ferry's Fix is a straightforward DJ mix (whereas Corsten's Countdown is an interactive "countdown" styled show).[106]

Corsten wrote a tune with Chicane and Christian Burns in July 2012 called "One Thousand Suns," an emotive trance tune[107] that has received airplay from the likes of Armin van Buuren[108] and a very positive fan reaction based on listener call-ins to his weekly Corsten's Countdown radio show. On August 31, 2012, Corsten debuted his "Full On (Hosted by Ferry Corsten)" live show concept in North America at Roseland Ballroom in New York City for the official afterparty for the music festival, Electric Zoo.[109] His Full On concept was a series of back-to-back sets with other well-known trance artists taking place at festivals and venues all over the world; including Tomorrowworld, Stereosonic, and Space Ibiza.[75] In November 2012, Corsten released the third installment to his Once Upon A Night compilation series on Premier (a label joint venture between Flashover Recordings and Black Hole Recordings). The physical release was a double-disc release.[110] On December 29, 2012, Corsten's Countdown broadcast another semi-annual 8-hour live and interactive radio broadcast originating from the studios of Sirius XM Radio in New York City. The broadcast was heard worldwide on partner radio stations in more than 40 countries and also on the interactive website.[111] 041b061a72


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