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Experience Space Quest 3: The Pirates of Pestulon in 3D - Download Now

Space Quest 3 3D: A Fan-Made Remake of a Classic Adventure Game

If you are a fan of old-school adventure games, you probably have heard of Space Quest, a series of sci-fi comedy games created by Sierra On-Line in the late 80s and early 90s. The series follows the misadventures of Roger Wilco, a hapless janitor who becomes a reluctant hero in various space adventures. One of the most popular and acclaimed games in the series is Space Quest 3: The Pirates of Pestulon, which was released in 1989 and featured a rich story, colorful graphics, witty humor, and challenging puzzles.

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But what if you could play Space Quest 3 in a modern way, with enhanced graphics, sound, and gameplay? Well, thanks to a dedicated team of fan developers, you can! Space Quest 3 3D is a fan-made remake of the classic game that aims to recreate the original experience in a stunning 3D environment, complete with voice acting, music, and animations. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Space Quest 3 and its amazing remake.

What is Space Quest 3?

The story and gameplay of Space Quest 3

Space Quest 3 picks up where Space Quest 2 left off, with Roger Wilco drifting in space in an escape pod. He is soon picked up by an automated garbage freighter, where he has to explore the junk-filled ship and find a way out. Along the way, he discovers an abandoned spaceship called the Aluminum Mallard, which he uses to escape the freighter and travel across the galaxy. He also learns that the Two Guys from Andromeda, the designers of the Space Quest series, have been kidnapped by a software company called ScumSoft, which forces them to make mindless games. Roger decides to rescue them and stop ScumSoft's evil plans.

The gameplay of Space Quest 3 is similar to other Sierra adventure games of that era, using a point-and-click interface and a text parser to interact with the game world. The player can move Roger around, examine objects, talk to characters, use items, and type commands. The game also features some arcade-style sequences, such as flying the Aluminum Mallard through an asteroid field, fighting robots in an arena, and playing Astro Chicken, a parody of Flappy Bird. The game is full of humor, references, easter eggs, and death scenes.

The legacy and influence of Space Quest 3

Space Quest 3 was a critical and commercial success when it was released. It received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, who praised its graphics, sound, story, humor, and gameplay. It was also one of the first games to use Sierra's SCI engine, which allowed for more advanced graphics and sound than previous games. It was also one of the first games to feature digitized speech samples, such as Roger's scream when he dies.

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Space Quest 3 is widely considered as one of the best games in the series and one of the best adventure games of all time. It has been ranked among the top adventure games by various publications and websites, such as PC Gamer, Adventure Gamers, IGN, and It has also influenced many other games and developers in the genre, such as Sam & Max, Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Leisure What is Space Quest 3 3D?

The fan-made project to remake Space Quest 3 in 3D

Space Quest 3 3D is a fan-made project that started in 2016 by a group of Space Quest enthusiasts who wanted to bring the classic game to a new generation of players. The project is led by Chris Ushko, a professional 3D artist and animator who has worked on several AAA games, such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Anthem. He is also a huge fan of Space Quest and has been playing the series since he was a kid.

The goal of the project is to recreate Space Quest 3 in 3D using the Unreal Engine 4, a powerful game engine that allows for realistic graphics, physics, and lighting. The project also aims to add voice acting, music, and animations to the game, as well as some minor tweaks and improvements to the gameplay and interface. The project is not intended to replace or modify the original game, but rather to pay tribute to it and enhance it for modern audiences.

The features and improvements of Space Quest 3 3D

Space Quest 3 3D is still in development, but it already has some impressive features and improvements that make it stand out from the original game. Some of these features are:

  • High-quality graphics: The game uses high-resolution textures, models, and effects to create a stunning 3D environment that captures the essence of the original game. The game also supports dynamic lighting and shadows, reflections, particles, and other visual enhancements.

  • Immersive sound: The game features fully voiced dialogue for all the characters, including Roger Wilco, who is voiced by Josh Mandel, the original voice actor from Space Quest 6. The game also features an original soundtrack composed by James Mulvale, who has created music for several fan-made adventure games. The game also supports surround sound and environmental audio.

  • Smooth gameplay: The game uses a point-and-click interface that is easy to use and intuitive. The game also supports keyboard and mouse controls, as well as gamepad support. The game also has an autosave feature and a hint system to help players who are stuck.

  • Extra content: The game includes some extra content that was not in the original game, such as additional dialogue, scenes, easter eggs, and references. The game also has some bonus features, such as concept art, behind-the-scenes videos, and developer commentary.

The challenges and limitations of Space Quest 3 3D

Space Quest 3 3D is an ambitious project that faces some challenges and limitations that may affect its development and release. Some of these challenges are:

  • Lack of funding: The project is entirely self-funded by the developers, who work on it in their spare time. The project does not have any official support or endorsement from Sierra or Activision, the current owners of the Space Quest IP. The project also does not accept any donations or crowdfunding from fans, as it may cause legal issues or complications.

  • Lack of resources: The project is made by a small team of volunteers who have limited resources and time to work on it. The project requires a lot of work and skills to create a high-quality 3D game that matches the original vision. The project also relies on external tools and assets that may not be compatible or available in the future.

  • Lack of permission: The project is based on an existing IP that belongs to another company, which may not approve or allow the project to be released or distributed. The project may face legal action or cease-and-desist orders from the IP owners or their representatives if they deem the project as infringing or unauthorized.

How to download and play Space Quest 3 3D?

The system requirements and compatibility of Space Quest 3 3D

Space Quest 3 3D is not yet available for download or play, as it is still in development. However, the developers have released some screenshots and videos of their progress on their official website and social media accounts. They have also announced some tentative system requirements and compatibility for the game, which are subject to change as the development progresses. According to their website, the minimum system requirements for Space Quest 3 3D are:






Windows 10

Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent

8 GB

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or AMD equivalent

10 GB

The game is expected to be compatible with Windows 10 only, as it uses the Unreal Engine 4, which does not support older versions of Windows. The game may also be compatible with Mac and Linux in the future, but there is no confirmation or guarantee from the developers.

The download links and installation instructions of Space Quest 3 3D

Space Quest 3 3D is not yet ready for download or installat


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