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[S1E13] We Are Grounders - Part 2

On the Ark, Sinclair informs Jaha, Kane, and the other inhabitants of the Ark about the workings and possible consequences of bringing the Ark to Earth, explaining that some parts of the Ark will be destroyed when entering the atmosphere along with the people inside. Jaha tells the Station Representatives that they have no other choice if they do not want them all to die.

[S1E13] We Are Grounders - Part 2

Like most shows, the first season is merely an introduction period. You meet the characters, and the characters meet some sort of challenge that seems really ultimate and life changing, but eventually will be overshadowed by whatever is coming next. In hindsight, the characters will look back at the first season problems and wish they could go back to those simpler times. The characters who survived the battle with the grounders probably have already reached that point.

The conflict between the prisoners and Wonkru comes to a head in the season five finale. McCreary is able to ambush Wonkru, and their forced retreat makes Octavia's soldiers begin to fall apart. When Madi wants to help, Clarke is vehemently against the idea.

The second part of the season five finale is a hopeful one - and one that a lot of fans would have been happy with as a series finale. That's likely why it ranks so high amongst all of the episodes of The 100.

Cage Wallace (Johnny Whitworth) showed some sympathy and wanted to let Keenan (Emily Haine) back inside, but Dr. Tsing (Rekha Sharma) insisted on leaving her to die as part of her experiment. Science! 041b061a72


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