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Passages 2 Teacher's Book: The Best English Book for Intermediate to Advanced Learners (PDF)

This comprehensive will be useful for catechists who are not well prepared to interpret texts in a theological manner. We must not take in the texts more than we can handle, and in particular we should not become bogged down in discussions about all the details which have been highlighted, especially given that no doctrinal discussion is being proposed here. We are not proposing a commentary for theological students, but a unique synthesis for those who are preparing themselves to become teachers. The catechetical aspect gives the lessons a very substantial character. A good deal is said here about the key points in the individual lessons. The aim is to provide teachers with a basic theological framework and to help them study the text in more depth. It is to facilitate the proclamation of the faith by means of the Gospels, Acts and the Letters of St John. The Gospels, which tell the story of Christ, are studied here so as to understand the meaning of the texts Jn 1:1 and Jn 21:25, by which God is called Father. The Gospels also mention the Spirit, he is therefore what we call Father of our minds and nurturers of our faith. Then St John, who has this Spirit as his teacher, describes how the one sent from God works among men. The face-to-face encounter with Christ makes us aware of the tremendous love he wants to give us, a love which should mark our lives. Then St Paul shows us how this love is propagated in the world when it has been communicated to us. In this way the catechists can use this book as a foundation for greater theological study. It is not just a manual for teaching but a tool to help deepen the faith of its readers. As a companion to the Gospel, the Acts of the Apostles should show us the pastoral service of the Church. Study of this book can help the Church find a suitable balance between her cultural and liturgical life. We are called to evangelise, our job is to grow in Christianity, to become more mature.

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